A Helping Hand
For A Hoping Heart.

The idea of putting together a formal organisation began during the pandemic where a number of us realised how fortunate we were to still have good health, the comforts of a home, healthy meals and of course – skills and resources to earn a living. 

While all of us in our individual capacities were involved in acts of charity, volunteering and social welfare; it was this feeling of gratitude that brought us together to establish a society which would help us go beyond our areas, reach more people and help the needy. And that is how AADHYA was born!

The name ‘Aadhya’ was inspired from the Sanskrit word ‘Adya’ meaning ‘First’. It also means ‘Unparalleled’, ‘Great’ and ‘Beyond Perception’.

‘Adya’ as a word and a mission, echoed with its members who found a sense of purpose in contributing to the betterment of society. With their unparalleled efforts, it truly was a first for many not-so-fortunate people who could learn a new skill, take their first class, get their first job or even find a means of livelihood.


Skill Development

Vocational Training

Youth Empowerment

Education Environment Conservation

Social Welfare

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